Latest News from Stewart and Carol

Poetry Matters

Friday 21st June, 2019 - St. Nicholas’ Church, Church Road, Halewood, Liverpool L26 6LA. 6.30pm

Stewart and Carol are guest judges for a children’s poetry competition, ‘Poetry Matters’, for participating schools in the Halewood area of Liverpool as part of Halewood CultureFest.

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Lecture on Poetry in Schools

Tuesday 25th June, 2019

Stewart will be a leading an educational session on the essentials required for the presentation of poetry in the classroom in order to stimulate a zest for language and expression in each child.

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Radio Tunings

Sunday 29th September, 2019 - BBC Radio 4. Pick Of The Week from Media City, Salford. 6.15pm

Stewart continues his 15 year association with this ‘jewel of the network’ as he selects, edits, scripts and presents his ‘pick’ from the previous seven days of BBC Radio Network broadcast programmes.

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Happy Poems

Stewart has two poems in a just published anthology, Happy Poems, chosen by Roger McGough, published, summer 2018, by Macmillan Children’s Books.

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A Poet’s Notebook…with new poems, obviously…

Stewart’s latest collection, “A Poet’s Notebook…with new poems, obviously…” is available now from the Store, and from bookshops.

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