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Vesper Sky

Vesper Sky - £10.00 + P&P

A collaborative album of songs, poetry and music from Stewart Henderson, Yvonne Lyon and Carol Henderson

A Poet's Notebook

A Poet's Notebook - £8.99 + P&P

Stewart’s latest collection of 21 poems, preceded by an engrossing commentary on the sources and development of each. The book features a rare combination of poetic journal, cultural almanac, complete with the poet’s trademark humour and pertinent observations.

Poetry Emotion

Poetry Emotion - £6.99 + P&P

A collection of Children’s Verse, ideal for KS2, P4-7 and Collective Worship

All things Weird and Wonderful

All things Weird and Wonderful - £9.99 + P&P

A funny, fascinating and wildly imaginative collection of captivating poetry.

Still, facing Autumn

Still, facing Autumn - £7.99 + P&P

Urban Angel

Urban Angel - £10.00 + P&P

Exploring the soul of the city.

Hardback book.

Poems by Stewart Henderson and Penelope Wilcock. Collages and Drawings by Ben Ecclestone.

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